Oven thermometers

Mobile or built masonry furnaces are becoming an increasingly fashionable element of home decoration for many. The baking temperature in the ovens ranges between 180-300 ˚C, but wood firing cannot be regulated precisely. Therefore, after the wood has burnt down, the oven space’s temperature must be controlled to know what food may be put in. As the flame may be as hot as 1,000-1,200˚C, we one has to wait for the onset of the appropriate temperature. A 0-550˚C thermometer will always give an accurate reading of the internal temperature.

Important: The thermometer should only be inserted in the oven after the wood has burnt down! Since many oven designs exist and thermometers may be built in a number of places, a range of variants exist with varying extension lengths and connections.

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Type: BT-550
BBimetallic thermometer with rear connection
Dial diameter:
63mm, 100mm
Measurement range:
- front ring, pipe diameter: 8 mm
- ½” male threaded, pipe diameter: 8mm
- with KO or copper protective sleeve, pipe diameter: 12mm
Extension length (mm):
- 60, 100, 200, 300, 400, 500
- as required
You can download the thermometer data sheet from here.

0 550