racz-zoltanAbout us

Welcome to our webpage, my name is Zoltán Rácz. We have been distributing heating technological measuring instruments for the past 15 years, including bimetallic thermometers. Over the last years, it has occurred several times that our partners had complained of the quality or delivery deadlines, especially when they had ordered more specialised thermometers. We have been planning for some years now to take the production of bimetallic thermometers into our own hands. We have successfully managed to purchase the production technology for bimetallic thermometers developed over many long years by an excellent Hungarian engineer, Gyula Lelovics, including the necessary machinery. The thermometers produced by Mr. Lelovics under the brand name Fagus were known and recognised nationwide. Our company now wishes to go on with this state of the art technology and which we hope you will soon experience too, as one of our esteemed customers.