Heating technology, insulated tanks

In conventional gas-heated central heating systems, water at a temperature of 70-90˚C is circulated, but a mixed fuel boiler may reach operational temperatures up to 90˚C. For these systems, bimetallic thermometers in the range of 0-120˚C are used to control the temperature of the inlet water. The most accurate values are provided by a thermometer in direct contact with the water; we therefore by all means recommend using the threaded variant. In other cases, protective tubes may are recommended. Therefore, if a thermometer should fail or break, it is not necessary to drain the entire system. The minimal extension length is L=60 mm, it is therefore recommended to fit in a ½” T-piece whet the heating system is constructed.

Thermometers with longer extension lengths (20 and 30 cm) are used to control the temperatures of insulated tanks.

Type: BT-120
Bimetallic thermometer with rear connection
Dial diameter:
63mm, 100mm
Measurement range:
- front ring, pipe diameter: 8 mm
- ½” male threaded, pipe diameter: 8mm
- with copper protective sleeve, pipe diameter: 12mm
Extension length (mm):
- 60, 100, 200, 300
- as required
You can download the thermometer data sheet from here.

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