Air conditioning technology, alimentary and medicine industry

We manufacture thermometers in the range of -30 + 50˚C, or -20+60˚C upon request for industry segments requiring cooling such as the medicine industry, alimentary industry, air conditioning technologies, etc. Meeting certain safety requirements, out thermometers are also available with plexiglass covers instead of glass. By using an acid resistant protective tube, only the protective tube will be in contact with the medium, doing away with the need to procure a fully acid resistant thermometer, leading to a significant reduction of costs.

Type: BT-3050
Bimetallic thermometer with rear connection
Dial diameter:
63mm, 100mm
Measurement range:
-30 +50˚C
- front ring, pipe diameter: 8 mm
- slide ring
Extension length (mm):
- 60, 100, 200, 300
- as required


  • Plexiglass front cover
  • Acid resistant protective tube
  • special connection ring
You can download the thermometer data sheet from here.

30 50