Solar systems

Renewable energy sources are increasingly widely used. Most common of these us the use of solar energy. In solar thermal collectors, very high temperatures may occur. As the internal idle temperature of today’s modern solar collectors may even reach 180-200˚C, this very high temperature may stress the entire system for a short time when circulation is started. Hence the application of 0-220˚C bimetallic thermometers in solar systems. This is a durable model and is able to perform for a long time thanks to its massive design, even under extreme conditions.

Type: BT-220
Bimetallic thermometer with rear connection
Dial diameter:
63mm, 100mm
Measurement range:
- front ring, pipe diameter: 8 mm
- ½” male threaded, pipe diameter: 8mm
- with KO or copper protective sleeve, pipe diameter: 12mm
Extension length (mm):
- 60, 100, 200, 300
- as required
You can download the thermometer data sheet from here.

0 220